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Our Strength

Litigation is one of the main strengths of Legal Steps. Litigation department always remain above all the other branches of Legal Steps. Although this is a Full Service Law Firm however we also prefer to identify Legal Steps as a Litigation Law Firm. 

We represent the defense as well as the prosecution. All depends on who has approached us first and what is the tier of the court. We have right of audience before all tiers of court system in Bangladesh. Mr. M. Moksadul Islam, Head of Chamber, being enrolled in the Appellate Division  is referred as a Single Star (*) Lawyer of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. That has put Legal Steps in an unique position than many other litigation law firms in Bangladesh.

Right of Audience

District Courts
-Labour etc.

Bangladesh Supreme Court
-High Court Division
-Appellate Division* 



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-International Trade
-IP Law
-ADR etc. 


Banking and International Trade

AAIBIts well over a decade now Legal Steps is serving Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited for all their Banking needs. We not only advise them on banking law but also conduct litigation both before the High Court Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Premier BankOn a special assignment Legal Steps is giving one stop services to the Premier Bank. We conduct cases from the lower tier to the Supreme court of Bangladesh for the Bank. Legal Steps is service the Head Office as well as most of the Branches of the Bank. Currently we are dealing with all the big assignment for the Bank. Beside litigation we advise them with every banking need which include international trade and maritime law.

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