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Population (Est Sep, 14)

GDP (PPP): 2013 est
Per Capital
GDP (Normal): 2013 est
Per Capital


147,570 km2 /56,977 sq mi
1,033.5/km2 /2,676.8/sq mi

$419.2 billion

$419.2 billion

Economic Profile
Investment Guide


  -Joint Venture

-Liaison Office
-Branch Office
-Representative Office


Company Incorporation

-Name Clearance Certificate
-Drafting and finalizing Memorandum & Article of Association
-Opening Bank Account
-Government stamp duty payment
-Registration with RJSCF
-Company seal
-Tax ID Number (TIN)
-VAT Registration 
-Trade License 


-City Corporation
-Other Govt. Departments

-BOI: Board of Investment
-RJSC: Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms

A Success Story

BikroyLegal Steps can assist you to setup your company in Bangladesh from scratch. Recently we assisted Bikroy.com, the largest marketplace in Bangladesh, owned by Saltside Technologies Limited, a Swedish Company. We assisted them from start to finish. Now the Company is running in  swing. Initially we gave them a local address. We assisted them with the incorporation of a limited company in Bangladesh. We opened their bank account. We also helped them with immigration. We assisted Head of Bikroy.com, a Swedish national to get his visa, security clearance from the law enforcement agencies, work permit etc. We procured their Tax Identification Number, VAT registration. We also help them with their tenancy agreement in Bangladesh. Now Bikroy.com is conducting their business on their own. However we always remain standby whenever they need us.

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